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01.11.2011: Tashkent is getting more attractive for foreign tourists

Uzbekistan authorities accepted the program on tourism development and extension of tourism potential of Tashkent for 2011-2012 in the value of 140.7 mil US dollars.

The document plans activities on tourist attractiveness growth of historical and cultural sites of the city, also tourism infrastructure development: addition to tourist itineraries of new architectural memorials, reconstruction and building new hotels, the press office of Uzbekistan Ministry of Tourism confirmed.

Tashkent TV tower in winter of 2011

The program frames define development of new tourist itineraries on historical sites of Tashkent, setting of signs with streets name, posting up pointers and informational desks at all tourist sites in the city. New signs in English in Tashkent metro will appear for comfort of our guests.

Infrastructure of madrassahs “Kukeldash”, “Abdulkasim”, “Ohunguzar”,  “Muyi Muborak”, “Ming Urik” ancient settlement, “Yunuskhon” and “Shaikh Hovandi Tohur” complexes and some other sites. After reconstruction of ancient memorials “Shoshtepa”, “Aktepa”, mosques “Kollahona” and  “Gulbozor”, the sites will be available to visit.

An important modernization and reconstruction of the Tashkent TV tower is planned. Around 660 thousand US dollars are transferred for this aim. Planned works are: light illumination equipment, both restaurants will be improved.

4 new hotels in Tashkent are planned to build, in total capacity of 500 beds. The biggest one will be at the crossroad of Navoi and Zarafshan street, close to Dedeman and Markaziy hotels, at the very city center. Partners of the construction are Hilton and Hyatt holdings.

Hotel “Chorsu” reconstruction near the bazaar in the Old town will be finally finished (400 rooms). The hotel Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent will have new tennis court. A more important news that the state share in some biggest hotels will be sold to private investors (Hotel Uzbekistan, Grand Mir, Markaziy and Dedeman.

A more interesting news for casual tourists in Uzbekistan - at the main crossroads of Tashkent tourist itineraries is going to build tourist information desks with English, Russian, French, German, Chinese and Japanese languages. One of such travel information desks is located in our office, near Kosmonavtov metro station and TSUM supermarket, at the green park area (a cup of coffee for fellow backpackers is always available free of charge, come and taste!). Information brochures and travel maps will be available in the airport and train stations, also in all hotels.

Tashkent will offer to its guests posting out signs of supermarkets, bazaars and sites at all big streets. All sites will be equipped with signs of toilet direction on them.

A good idea for nearest years is buying double-decker buses for local excursions, this project is planned for 2012-2014.

20.10.2011: Train timetable update

One more update on the address of Uzbekistan embassy in UAE (thanks to beduicom from the ThornTree).

18.02.2009: Embassies and consulates of Uzbekistan abroad
A small, but very useful update - now our page of addresses and contacts of Uzbekistan embassies has more information. Links are added for most of the embassies abroad.
The unique information - new address of the Consulate of Uzbekistan in Dubai, UAE.

16.02.2009: Timetable updates
After long pause in the updates we are back again. The main news for today is updation of the Domestic airways timetable page. Since the last update about a month ago some arrival and departure times were changed by the Uzbekistan airways. As usual, no direct mails were send by the national airways company to travel agencies. By the way, the customer service of the main office of the Uzbekistan Airways is extremely poor and sometimes ridiculous.
An example - some weeks ago we need to buy a ticket Tashkent-London for the UK citizen. In the main office of Uzbekisan airways we were asked to buy a two-ways ticket. The reason was: who will cover the expenses to the company if the passenger is refused to enter the United Kingdom! To enter his motherland!
I don't even talk such 'general' things as waiting in queues for hours. It would be OK - our employees are patient, but why it happens while there are 18..20 windows in the office and only 5-6 of them works?!
No booking or buying is available if there's not the original passport of the passenger. But it's the most usual practice when we have only a photocopy of the passport.
That's why we use services of dealers - private companies that work with most airlines of ex-USSR. Fast, polite, friendly, compitent - they are very good business parnters. Recommendations? Tashkent Kargo works very well (Larisa, greetings and thanks for the patience!) opposite the Tashkent Palace hotel.

But I distracted our attention away...
In the end of March 2009 the Uzbekistan airways company will change it's timetable to the summer schedule. The new schedule continues from 29 of March till 24 of October.
Apart from usual arrival and departure time changes, there are some great news:
- There will be more flights to Sharjah and Dubai: from the 2nd of March both directions will be served by two flights a week comparing to the present one a week;
- Flight Tashkent-Geneve-Milano-Tashkent (opened just in the autumn of 2008) will be changed from Fridays to Tuesdays;
- The third flight to Lahore will be added to the present two (Wednesdays and Saturdays): on Mondays starting from the end of March;
- Flight Ferghana-Urumqi-Ferghana will be proceed on Sundays during the summer schedule;
- More flights on destinations Tashkent-Urumqi-Tashkent (from 2 to 3 times a week), Samarkand-Moscow-Samarkand (from 3 to 4 times a week) and Andijan-Nukus-Moscow-Andijan (from twice to three times weekly), Tashkent-Kiev-Tashkent (from 1 to 2 times a week).

A great news - one more flight was created to the most touristic air destination of Uzbekistan - Tashkent-Urghench-Tashkent! It's already at our domestic air timetable page.

13.01.2009: Prices in Uzbekistan
One of the most popular questions of the potential Uzbekistan tourists is about prices. Somebody heard about very low prices (a meal for USD 1), others report about extremely low charges. Where is the truth?
First of all, there's no one answer to the question "How much do I spend in Uzbekistan?". So our new practical article is just to give you common sense of pricing in Uzbekistan.

Other updates: train timetable has been updated, thanks to Ms. Colin Hodgkinson. No big changes, but some trains go via other cites. For example, the Shark train #9 and 10 goes Tashkent-Bukhara-Tashkent via Samarkand.

06.01.2009: We are back, let's start the season!
After short holidays we are back at our workplaces. Even during the New Year party we worked and helped to some people around the world. If more people undestood how perfect it is to help and hear good words on many languages, the profession of a travel agent would be the most popular indeed!
In a couple of messages we got a question - is anything new in obtaining Uzbekistan visa rules? No, the rules are the same as in 2009.
Today we prepaired little changes:
- correction of design mistakes;
- text correction;
- updates for international and domestic air timetable;
- new page: News archive.

In the near future we will add useful content to: hotels in Khiva; hotels in other sities; Aral sea; transport; our tours.
The main news for today: prices of most hotels are ready! In the next few days we will add all prices that we have now. Our booking hotel service will be much clearer than now. All hotels in Uzbekistan will be sorted by classes (budget; middle-class; top-middle; high-end), by prices and by our trully recommendation.

For not being a dried-up news - Merry Christmas! Yes, today. Yes, we know when the Christmas is. At the 7th of January. It's a Russian Orthodox celebration. Most of Christians in Uzbekistan are Russian Orthodox church adepts. Christianism is the second most popular religion of Uzbekistan. Here is more interesting about religions in Uzbekistan.

Welcome to the AROSTR travel agency's web site. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our company and Uzbekistan that we hope makes it easier for you to travel and do business with us.

AROSTR Co. Ltd has been serving the tourism community since 2002. We specialize in ecological, historical, sport and extreme tourism and in all you need to feel the spirit of Uzbekistan. What is the difference of our company? Why it is better than many others? Because our services can be named as "tourism with human face". Everything we do is doing for our clients, for our dear visitors. Many people who preferred our travel agency for their trip in Uzbekistan may say that every traveler for us is a guest, not a usual visitor, not a usual client.

At this site, you will discover all about our services, as well as our courteous and resourceful staff. The most comprehensive information about Uzbekistan visas, Letters of Invitation (LOI), OVIR registrations, railway and air timetable is here.

The most visited pages here are:

LOI - full information about LETTERS OF INVITATION for applying a visa to Uzbekistan (a.k.a. Visa Support Letter - VSL).

Railway timetable - many travelers prefer this transport as the main to travel in Uzbekistan. Not all trains are advisable (sometimes they're slow and not comfortable), but there are at least two trains 'Proud of Uzbekistan railways': Tashkent-Samarkan-Tashkent 'Registan' express train (takes 3 hours 50 minutes) and Tashkent-Bukhara-Tashkent (with stops in Navoi and Samarkand) 'Shark' express train. Very cheap, comfortable and fast - the best choice indeed!

About visas - Did you know that many nationalities may obtain visas in Tashkent airport upon arrival? What about extending your visa? How to apply if you need a multiple entry Uzbekistan visa?

International airways timetable - our proud. Browsing hundreds of travel and airways sites, we never saw something like ours. Our timetable is always updated, it's a simle table with full information about flight - destination, flight's number, time of arrival/departure.Uzbekistan international air timetable

You may book and buy tickets with us with little comission.

Contacts - we are here, ready to help you!

Feel free to browse around this site. If you have comments or questions about our products or services, or simply need more information and want to contact us, click on the contact button on any page within this site.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving you!

If you have a question, you may ask here: - we will be glad to response in 24 hours!


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