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News archive

20.12.2008: Hotels in Bukhara
The main news for today - Hotels in Bukhara page was added. As usual - now we have full contact details of every famous hotel in this city. E-mails and links of Uzbekistan hotels are rare content in Uzbekistan travel agencies sites. Ours is an exception.
Other news:
- Money in Uzbekistan section: list of ATM in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Ferghana and more cities. It is very useful information.
- International air timetable: links were added. Now the usability of finding a flight is much better than before. The same search options already had Domestic air timetable page.
- Both air timetable pages: added information how to book and buy tickets with us.


09.12.2008: Updates of international airways timetable
Our international flights timetable is based on Uzbekistan Airways company flights. But there are a lot of other flights to and from Uzbekistan. Today Scat (Kazakhstan) and ImAir (Azerbaijan) flights were added to the timetable.

04.12.2008: International air timetable is ready
As we promised, the international air timetable section is ready. Other updates:
- Samarkand hotels page has now more information and hotels - a perfect budget place was added - Legend of Samarkand hotel is located in the historical Old Town, inside a cobweb of narrow middle-ages streets. Expect the atmosphere to be very Uzbek (i.e. don't even try to aviod LOTS of hospitality! - it's impossible);
- Our conditions of booking air tickets was added into the timetable pages. Basic information about aircrafts is for people who don't trust to Soviet airbuses.


03.12.2008: Air timetable!
Finally the air timetable is here! Now there are only domestic flights, but we also have international flights data, so expect the international flights section to be ready in 1-2 days.
The air timetable section was divided into two pages: local (domestic) and international flights, so all pages were updated with links.

01.12.2008: Hotels section is updated
Hotels in Samarkand page created, it has the same design and format as our first page about hotels;
The page Tashkent hotels has checked links now; logos of some hotels were added.
- Small design updates and mistakes correction.

22.11.2008: Hotels in Uzbekistan and their addresses
Searching addresses and phones of hotels in Uzbekistan was always difficult (try to google, for example, e-mail of Oxus hotel in Tashkent!). A lot of Uzbekistan travel agencies sites have descriptions of the hotels, but in general there are no URL's and e-mails. Most of our business competitors are afraid that a potential customer who took a look to the description of a hotel on their page will book the hotel directly if he has their e-mail.

We will put full contact list of the Uzbekistan hotels. Usually we offer a better price for rooms than if you contact to the hotel directly. Sometimes our price is the same. So we don't afraid of losing money. Instead of losing profit we get respect from the usability of our pages.

Now we have only contacts section on our pages. We almost don't have prices for 2009. Hotel managers are waiting for each other to learn the prices of others firstly. But as soon as we get the prices, we will put information about hotels to our site.

Another reason of the delaying with hotels info is that now we cannot recommend any hotel without its price. For example, if a very good 4-star hotel Tashkent Palace will offer a very high price, we cannot recommend is as the best choice in this class, because the same hotels may offer a better price with the same service level. Please wait till December!

The only ready page now is Hotels in Tashkent. Other cities are going to be ready this week, i.e., before December!

17.11.2008: Pictures

- Updates of links on every page;
- Pictures added to the Geography section and Uzbekistan dishes
- Uzbekistan visa applying form added to the Visa section, it may be downloaded here

12.11.2008: Far away from 'perfect', but closer and closer every day
- Information about booking train tickets with our company was added to the Train timetable page
Useful links page was added
- Some pictures added
- Small redesign of links
- Some text mistakes were corrected on our site - what a wonderful tradition of Western people not to focus their attention on right speech of non-English speakers!!

05.11.2008: Rail timetable was renewed, train ticket prices were added.
The railway timetable page is updated now! New information is added only 5 days after official changes in the timetable, it's something like a record. In addition, the price section is added to the page. Now you may buy the tickets online with AROSTR already knowing the price.

Currency informer was added to every page. It shows current exchange rates of AUS dollar, GB pound, US dollar and Euro. All exchange rates are shown according to the National Bank of Uzbekistan.
Minor text format changes in some pages.

03.11.2008: Updates and plans to the near future
After a weekend the content master of the site is back! Pany plans are in my head, the main is translation from Russian of official information from government web-pages into English with tons of real information. Don't you feel the difference? Try me to explain.
While visiting, for example, the Uzbekistan Airways site ( you may feel that this company has the best aircrafts in the world and everything is very comfortable while deal with them. And I cannot say that they tell lies. They just don't tell the full truth. That it's still very difficult to use Visa or Master cards in their main office; that no US dollars or Euros are accepted; that there are 15-20 desks in the main office, but only 4-7 of them works.

A fun story from the real daily life. A dialog in one of the best 4-star Tashkent hotels:

Do you have ATM machines here?
Receptionist: Yes, sir!
Tourist: Can I use my Visa here?
Receptionist: Yes, sir!
After some minutes...
Tourist: Excuse me, but the ATM does not work! I couldn't cash even USD 10 from my credit card!
Receptionist: Yes, sir! The ATM works. But there is no cash now!
I would laugh a lot... if it was not so shamed of my country.

I hope our visitors feels the difference between official and real information now.

So we will try to put really useful information with sources from official pages like Ministry of Foreign Affaires, Uzbekistan Customs Department, Uzbekistan Railways etc.

Weather informers are added to every page (see left side in the bottom of every page), under links section. Real weather for today and forecast for tomorrow in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva (Urghench) and Ferghana city. All informers are in English, thanks to server - very advisable.

Some pages are updated today:
Phone codes of Uzbekistan, General information about Uzbekistan, Embassies and consulates of Uzbekistan abroad. The last page is far away from the final version - we need to put there e-mails and URL's, but now there is information about Uzbekistan missions abroad, their addresses, fax and phone numbers.

29.10.2008: Some updates to our site
Information added to Out of beaten tracks, Tashkent, Khiva, Samarkand, Bukhara and Ferghana valley pages. This is only basic information about history and geography. We are planning to add to every geography page useful and practical content like "How to get there", "Things to do", "Hotels".

We have a lot of empty pages on the site now. The main reason is lack of information about the hotel prices for the next year. The Uzbekistan hotels' management is waiting... for prices of other hotels in Uzbekistan. Who knows - may be next year the extremely budget hotel "Hadra" in Tashkent will ask USD 100 for a double (cockroaches are free of charge!), or the luxurious 5-star "Intercontinental will cost USD 30 for customers of our company :-)

Speaking seriously, it's difficult to recommend hotels or even sort them out by class while we do not know their prices. In general we have such information until December every year. As soon as we have such info and prices, everything well be places onto the pages. Look for updates!

Other news are on the main page of

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