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Tashkent international airport
is the biggest aviation company in Central Asia. The capital airport lies at a very good international location because it is on the crossroad of air ways between CIS (ex-USSR) and South-Eastern Asia and Middle East. It’s located at a good climatic conditions area. The airport is connected with many biggest cities of the world. Other airports of Uzbekistan are connected to a network that is served as a part of Uzbekistan transport infrastructure. Main Uzbekistan airports are connected with Tashkent airport and with some big international air harbors.

Tashkent airport includes International Gateway and Domestic lines Gateway, both of them are in one complex. They located in 500 meters between themselves.

IMPORTANT FOR INDEPENDENT TRAVELLERS! Practical information about Tashkent airport.

OK, you have just arrived to the Tashkent airport. The first thing that you will see before entering through the doors to the city is custom office and passport control. You should fill the custom declaration in duplicate, one of them has to be kept until the departure. The light indicator panel appears in semidarkness of the large hall with "Pasport nazorati" (“Passport control”) inscription. Passing the formalities is simple and easy in most cases. The staff is friendly and you have enough time to do everything. Making all formalities takes from 10 minutes up to 2 hours; it depends on the time of your arrival and amount of other passengers. At this point you should decide if you can take your luggage by yourself or ask a carrier for help. The carriers seldom speak English or any other international language but they can understand you. Their service costs (2008 year) 2000 sum (about USD 1,4) and it doesn’t depend on the amount of your luggage. Any luggage trolley in the Tashkent airport has an inscription in Russian: “The price for the service is 1800 Uzbek sum without dependence on the amount of the luggage”. This price is OK, but… Look at the guy who will carry your bag. Do you see a local Uzbek guy who gets a salary only about USD 100 for month? All the money (1800 sum) he has to give to the cash register. If you have a lot of luggage, if he waits you a lot of time during your custom procedure, please give him some tip. Only small amount of money. You will never see here on this site of AROSTR travel agency any advice to give tips, only here. Please excurse us for this advice. This is the only precedent on these pages.

Well, the first two things that any visitor should do in Tashkent is to exchange money to local currency sum and to get to a hotel.

Changing money in airport is not a simple procedure. No ATMs are between the custom office and entrance to the city. Also there are not any money exchange offices. At least they do not work. But you really need some local currency – US dollars, Euros etc. are not allowed to pay.

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