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Money in Uzbekistan

Everything here is correct (last update: October 2012). The ATM part is unique for those who need it.


Official currency in Uzbekistan is the Uzbek sum. You may always find the current official exchange rate of sum to main world currencies on every page of our site, in the left bottom part, under the weather informer.

Exchange from a foreing currency to Uzbek sum (US Dollar, UK Pound, Euro, Japan Yen) is very easy in all Uzbekistan cities, especially USD and Euros. Other currencies are not allowed to exchange legally!! Even currencies of neigbour countries (like Kazakhstan tenge, Kyrgystan som, Turkmen manat and Russian rouble) may not be exchanged to/from Uzbek sum.

There are a lot of currency exhange offices (they are legal and have the same exchange rate).

ATM offices in Uzbekistan
To cash money from Visa or Master card in Uzbekistan is easy only in Tashkent. ATM in other cities works rarely. Even in Tashkent you may spend some time before finding a working ATM.
Good places to cash the money are big 4 and 5 stars hotels.
Here is the list of places where ATM exists in Uzbekistan:

Andijan region
Andijan Branch 39, A. Navoi st., Andijan
JSC 'Asaka Yog' 23, T. Aliyev st., 23, Asaka City
Asaka Branch 27, A. Temur st., Asaka City
Bukhara region
Bukhara Branch 3, Muhammad Ikbol st., Bukhara City
Fergana region
JV "UzSalaman'' 62, Qasymov st., Fergana City
Fergana BDM 61, Kuvasay st., Fergana City
Fergana Branch 69, Al-Fargoniy st., Fergana City
Kokand Branch 39, A.Temur st., Kokand City
Airport of Nukus City 5, Dustnazarov st., Nukus City
Karakalpakstan Branch 52,Garezsizlik st., Nukus City
Priaralsk Branch GAZhK 31, Garezsizlik st., Kungrad City
Kashkadarya region
Kashkadarya PES 1, Navoi Av., Karshi City
Khorezm region
JSV "Urgench Yog" 2, Dosov st., Urgench City
Urgench Branch 150, Pahlavon Makhmud st., Urgench City
Navoi region
Navoi Branch 14, Ibn Sino st., Navoi City
Navoi MMC 27, Navoi st., Navoi City
Zarafshan Branch 43/7, A.Temur st., Zarafshon City
Central Mining Administration 2-micro Adm.korp., Zarafshon City
North Mining Administration 20, Navruz st., Uch Kuduk City
Namangan region
Namangan Branch 10, Nodim Namongoniy st., Namangan City
JSV "Kasansay-Teckmen" 28, Mirkhamidov st., Kasansay City
Samarkand region 
JSV "Samarkand-parranda" Yangi Ariq Settlement., Samarkand District, Samarkand City
Samarkand Branch 7, Firdavsiy st., Samarkand City
DIA of Samarkand region 89, Akhunbabayev st., Samarkand City
Tashkent City
Academic Branch 31, F.Khojaev st., Tashkent City
Alp Jamol Bank 21. M.K.Otaturk st., Tashkent City
Asian Banks Association 24, A.Kayumov st., Tashkent City
Main Operational Branch 95, Ya.Gulyamov st., Tashkent City
Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan Mustaqillik Sq., Tashkent City
Mirzo-Ulugbek Branch 66, Pushkin st., Tashkent City
Sayohat Branch 28, Khalkaro Dustligi st., Tashkent City
JV "Coca Cola Tashkent" 40, Ostanov st., Tashkent City
Supermarket "Tijorat" 25, Navoi st., Tashkent City
Supermarket "Mir" 1, M.K.Otaturk st., Tashkent City
Tashkent City Branch 1, Gafur Gulyam st., Tashkent City
Tashkent Regional Branch 29, Taras Shevchenko st., Tashkent City
Khamza Branch 28, Elbek st., Tashkent City
Central Operational Branch 101, Amir Temur st., Tashkent City
Shaikhantaur Branch Eski Juva Sq., Tashkent City
Yunusabad Branch 32, Block 11, Massiv Yunusabad, Tashkent City
Tashkent region
Chirchik Branch 253, A.Navoi st., Chirchik City
Yangiyul Branch 178, Samarkand st., Yangiyul City
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