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Uzbekistan visa

Tourist visa
LOI – Letter of Invitation
How to obtain the Uzbek LOI
Where to apply for Uzbekistan Visa
Obtaining Uzbek visa in Tashkent airport
Urgent issuing of Uzbek visa
Multiple entry visas
Visa prolongation
Other Central Asia visas
Prices and terms

Last update: 07.07.2010

Tourist visa to Uzbekistan
Tourists from most countries need a visa to enter Uzbekistan. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan citizens do not need visa or other special documents to visit Uzbekistan.

EU, USA, Japan, Israel citizens GENERALLY, but not always get visas without any additional support documents, such as LOI. They sometimes (but not always) are able to obtain the visa in their residence countries. But very often general consulates and embassies of Uzbekistan around the world require the Letter of Invitation (LOI), also known as Visa Support Letters (VSL).
All other countries passport holders must apply for the Uzbekistan visa after obtaining the LOI.
Please note that if you need a multiple entry Uzbekistan visa, you are required a LOI.
Usual (single entry) Uzbek visa is issued for 30 days at most.

Uzbekistan visas are generally issued in 7 workdays without a LOI by an embassy or consulate of Uzbekistan. Some travelers report about delaying in obtaining the visa without letter of invitation up to 3 weeks.

Uzbekistan visa applying form (pdf) may be downloaded here: visa applying form


LOI is the Letter of Invitation that is provided by a travel agency in Uzbekistan or an Uzbek passport holder. This document is issued in 7-10 workdays. After obtaining the LOI you can apply for an Uzbek visa in the embassy (consulate) of Uzbekistan that you mentioned in your LOI request. When you have a LOI, you will obtain the visa in 1 day (usually at spot). The LOI is necessary when you’re obtaining the multiple entry visa. Our company is ready to provide you with the LOI. Please read the following terms of issuing it. To get more info please visit Letters of Invitation page.


How to obtain the Uzbek LOI
To obtain an Uzbekistan  LOI you need to contact us and provide the following information and documents:
1. A copy of your passport (scanned)
2. Place of job and occupation with work address
3. A document that confirms that you work there
4. The place where you would like to obtain the visa
5. Dates of entry/departure to/from Uzbekistan.

Please note that your passport copy may be in any graphical format or PDF document, but all notes should be able to read clearly.
See the prices section

Where to apply for Uzbekistan Visa
You can apply for a visa where Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate exists. See the list of Uzbekistan Embassies and Consulates abroad.
Applicants will need the following items to obtain Uzbekistan visa:

  • Visa Support Letter (VSL, LOI)
  • Valid passport
  • Completed application form
  • 1 passport-size photo
  • Fee, payable on collection of visa
  • Stamped, self-addressed envelope, if applying by post


Obtaining Uzbek visa in Tashkent airport upon arrival
You can obtain an Uzbek visa at Tashkent airport if:
1. Your residence country doesn't have an Uzbekistan embassy of consulate
2. Your flight to Tashkent is from the countries that don’t have Uzbekistan embassy or consulate OR you stay there less than 24 hours. Copies of airline tickets (which prove the above) might need to be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tashkent together with visa applications form. If visa support is approved, officials from visa department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue visas at the airport.
In this case you should e-mail us all items mentioned upper. When you arrive to Tashkent airport, you’ll obtain the visa on the spot.

Note, you must show a copy of your visa support when boarding a plane to Tashkent. You are likely to be denied boarding if your copy of LOI is not presented.
See the prices section


Urgent issuing of Uzbek visa
Usually you obtain an Uzbek visa in 7-21 days without LOI or 1 day with it. Issuing a LOI takes 7-10 workdays. But often (not always) our company AROSTR can accelerate the process of issuing LOIs. It will take 3 days to issue the LOI, and you will obtain a visa on the spot (in embassy or consulate). Please note that the LOI price and visa fee in this case are double priced.
See the prices section


Multiple entry visas
If you need a multiple (2 or 3 times) entry visa valid up to 45 days, our travel agency can provide you with it. To issue the LOI for a multiple entry visa we need the following items:
1. A copy of your passport (scanned)
2. Place of job and occupation
3. A document that confirms that you work there
4. The place where you would like to obtain the visa
5. Dates of entry/departure to/from Uzbekistan.
6. Countries you’d like to visit during your visa’s terms.

See the prices section


Visa prolongation (updated 07.07.2010)
If you are in Uzbekistan and need to prolong your visa, it is easily possible for up to 7 days. Please note that it’s a difficult procedure. The price and fees depends on your situation. Expect to pay for the prolongation of Uzbek visa USD 60..110 (including our assistance, visa and voucher fee).


Other Central Asia visas
Our travel agency works in all Central Asia, so AROSTR currently can provide you with a LOI for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. Please contact us if you need any of them.


1. Single entry Uzbekistan LOI up to 30 days – USD 40
2. Double entry Uzbekistan LOI up to 40 days – USD 50
3. Triple entry Uzbekistan LOI up to 50 days - USD 60

If you would like to obtain visa in Tashkent airport, you should pay additional USD 15 for every type of the visa.

Urgent issuing of the visa: LOI price and visa fee in this case are double priced.


You are requested to receive OVIR registration at your hotels.
Please contact us if you need additional information or want to obtain a LOI.

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